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View your Order History

  1. Log In your account
  2. Enter your username, password and security code then click Log In
  3. Hover My Account Click My Order History
  4. in the order history in the client control panel, buyer have resposibility to update the order status to recievced the item. It is also responsibility for client to check the item is what he / she wants then update this status to recieved. once clients update the order status to recieved, any items are sold in and sold as dropshipping model, we will delivery payment to clients delivery info can be seen on the manage shop order. seller have responsibility to update delivery info and provide trace number for client to trace the delivery status. withdraw, shop owner have responsibility to set up withdraw polity and time frame to withdraw. please provide info where to set withdraw info. we have given seller and buyer a right to say how the products and feeling for each time they buy or sell. These info will be shared with all clients and seller if the items are sold in the site. we provide invoice print facility for all our clients and seller so that the buyer and seller can print their invoice online.
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