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Change Order Status to Received By Buyer

Once the item is delivered, you, as a buyer, need to change the order status to Received so that this information can tell us and seller that the buyer has already received the product and verified the item the buyer recieved is the same one as described on the website. As a result, we will release the payment to seller. However, if you, as a buyer, do not change it by the rule, after a certain period of time, we will release the ordered payment to the seller. Therefore, it is your responsibility to change the Order Status. If you have any issue arisen from it, please have a look at item's delivery information first and then item's terms and conditions. After that, contact seller to solve the problem.

  1. Log In as Buyer Account
  2. Hover "My Account" then Click "My Order History"
  3. Click "Update Order Status"
  4. Select Received
  5. Click to Update the button below
  6. Successful Message will display
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